History of construction is truly remarkable.  From neolithic architecture to modern day buildings,from mud houses to high rise buildings , the tools and methods have evolved drastically.Archaeological records and  surveys provide us with glimpse of structure that were built thousands of years ago. Great Pyramids of Giza are in themselves uncanny and outstanding piece of craftsmen and engineering. What were once made  to suit the basic needs of protection and fortification have turned into exquisite and intricate structures. With the dawn of scientific construction techniques, improved material and artistic designs the world is witnessing some distinctive and awe inspiring structures.

Today Construction is more than just erecting a building it’s a fusion of design and planning ,procedure and methods,delivering quality and equipping to the changing  requirements. Understanding the scope and cost estimates of planning and construction requires  engineering skills ,management and interdisciplinary approach. Current trend is to promote sustainable construction methods that appreciate and blends architectural tradition and innovation, apart from that interaction of skilled workforce,engineers and a qualified advice is a must .

Nowadays ,work specification requires exact method and material to synthesis into a sturdy and aesthetic design. Melding the perfection of a  skilled craftsman and technological advancement, construction has come a long way redefining the future of design and complex structures.