What is architecture , is it just an outlook , an opinion , a perspective or is it more than that ?? Some of the  early examples of architecture might shed some light.It can be sufficely presumed  by looking at those monuments and structures, and comparing it with modern day design that the process evolved out of human desire and longing for artistic taste.

Though the ancient civilization ,as those of reflects a tryst. with divine and supernatural , others represent a much more formalized and politically dominated architectural style.Architecture represent local aspiration,cultural symbolism,aspiration, and contemporary ethos that influence social life. Architecture portrays great regional diversity ,developed along different lines having different characteristics encompassing natural landscape and further enhancing it.The style and method of design and construction has a generalized as well as vocation specific touch.With rise of new materials and technology ,scientific fields, the architect began to focus on  functional as well aesthetic and humanistic aspect of building.In contemporary times the architecture is aimed at expanding human experience, promote design that are energy efficient and accommodate the wants and needs of humans.Green housing , use of biodegradable materials is the new norm.Nowadays,architecture as an IDEA precedes architecture as OBJECT.